At Home Visits

Having trouble with your Macintosh™ or other Apple ™device? Wish you knew more about your iPhone™? I’m here to help!

I offer in home coaching for people who need assistance with their Macintosh™ computer or Apple™ device. I can assist you in your own home, on your own computer. I am an expert in the set up and installation of all Apple™ devices. I am also an easy going and patient teacher.


iPhone™ Coaching

Have an iPhone™, but wish you knew more about how to use it?

I can help you learn about every feature that your iPhone™ has to offer. From the basics of how to use an iPhone™, like taking a picture with the volume buttons, to the more advanced features, like adding widgets to your notification center or using Apple Pay™. I can help you learn anything about your iPhone™.


Mac™ Coaching

Do you own a Mac™ desktop or Macbook™ laptop and could use more information on how to use it? Do you need assistance with optimizing the speed of your Macintosh™ computer?

I can teach you everything you need to know about using a Macintosh™ computer. I can help guide you through the process of changing from PC to Macintosh™. I can also transfer all your important files from your PC to your new Macintosh™.



What is “The Cloud™”? How can you get the most out of iCloud™?

iCloud™ is how you backup all your Apple™ devices. iClould™ Drive can also be used to store important app information and documents and access them on any Apple™ device. I can help teach you how to set up and use iCloud™ on all of your Apple™ devices. I can also show you how to use those awesome syncing apps!



Ever wanted to know how to be more productive on the computer?

Email is necessary for communication in this modern day and age. I can teach you how to send and receive emails to make your business more productive and successful. I can help teach you how to attach documents and photos to your emails. I can even help you with scanning and emailing documents so you can get rid of that old fax machine!



Could you use a little extra help navigating the Internet?

I can help you go from internet novice to Google™ master. I can teach you everything you need to know about researching the internet and finding out what you need to know, right now. I can help you do anything on the Internet, from making a Facebook™ page to helping you set up a blog.


I don’t know what I’d do without you! Thank you for helping me use Find My Phone and getting my phone returned to me.

Thank you for restoring my iPad and bringing it back to life.

Thank you! … You rock!